What's wrong?

Water is life. More than 2.3 billion people live without access to basic sanitation facilities. Growing urban populations and deterioration of water resources puts increasing pressure on shrinking freshwater resources.

Besides humans, the shortage and pollution of freshwaters targeted hundreds of species living in natural habitats. With almost half of the global vertebrates distributed in terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats extinguished, the state of natural ecosystems has never been that alarming!

These negative impacts accelerate the search for innovative and cost-effective solutions. Reclaimed water has to be used in the most sustainable way because it alleviates the burden of increased water demand due to growing populations and subsequent food production.


A closer look

The balance in ecosystems is mainly disrupted by human activities, whether due to honest efforts for development (e.g. building hydropower dams, ...) or to greedy and irresponsible acts (e.g. using explosives for fishing, ...). A closer look helps us to identify some common challenges that need to be met in order to restore this unbalance, of which Aqua Tersus tackles the following:

- Treatment of wastewaters in facilities not connected to collective sewage systems

- Treatment of landfill leachate

- Restoration of polluted freshwaters