Decentralized biological system for onsite treatment of a variety of wastewaters and subsequent reuse. It consists of a plant-microbial closed-loop design based on ecosystem bio-mimicry. The system is beautiful, robust, quiet and offers high efficiency for flows up to 12 m3/day. The treatment process is SLUDGE FREE and results in a regenerated water of high quality.

The ReVive™ system offers a cost-effective elegant solution with no hidden maintenance costs. The system can be delivered as a completely off-grid system in any environmental and social conditions.

The system consists basically of two cylindrical tanks each with a diameter of 2 meters, with capacity to handle 6m3 of sewage inflow per 24 hours. That is equivalent to the total daily water consumption of 30-50 persons (European standards). It is an elegant solution having the smallest known carbon footprint compared to other conventional solutions.

The ReVive™ system can be complemented with additional tanks to handler more wastewater. The system is scalable so that sewage generated by small communities up to 2000 inhabitants can be treated onsite without need for capital-intensive infrastructure and traditional pipelines.

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