How to order?

The first contact with Aqua Tersus begins with sending us a message through our website or by e-mail, or by simply calling us. We will then contact You asking for complementary details and then send You an offer which will require your approval. Based on your wish, a private demonstration of the desired product installed the nearest to You can be booked.

How to maintain?

With each of our products follows a catalogue including detailed description of the system as well as clear instructions on installation and optimal maintenance.

Warranty & Service

A warranty ranging from 2 to 20 years depending on the product is granted. The warranty covers both manufacturing and installation. A yearly service contract is signed based on the customer’s wish. All information related to warranty and service are included in the detailed offer.

Is the addition of chemicals needed for water treatment?

Unlike conventional processes that require addition of chemicals to achieve the desired degree of water purification, Aqua Tersus’ systems are chemical free, which adds to their economic efficiency.

What about the generated sudge?

Unlike other wastewater treatment processes/systems that generate significant amounts of sludge that in turn need to be further processed, Aqua Tersus’ systems (ReVive™, ReMulti™) ensure sludge free operations. This is done through the well-designed water motion together with the applied biological processes within the systems.

How to install?

The installation requires a multi-level work:
The earth work, Electricity installation, Plumbing work, Landscaping. All these moments can be either fully or partially contracted by Aqua Tersus. This is clearly stated in the detailed offer sent to the customer who decides on which service to buy.

Do I need a permit?

Yes, depending on the product You want to purchase and on your location in Sweden or outside Sweden, a special permit has to be issued from the concerned authority in your municipality or county. In most cases, Aqua Tersus can help You formulating and sending in an application in order to issue such a permit.

Do You provide international shipments?

Yes international shipments can be provided by Aqua Tersus. The cost will be included in the detailed offer.

Do weather conditions affect the systems’ performance?

Thanks to specific insulation material and water motion, the systems are designed to maintain a range of internal temperatures that are suitable for sustaining their biological and physical functions.

What types of water can be treated with Aqua Tersus’ products?

Whether used for full water purification (e.g. ReVive™, ReMulti™) or as a polishing step (e.g. ReFine™), our products are able to treat wastewaters, leachates, rain water and polluted surface waters.